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Nordic Landscapes : Photograpy by Nicolas Lietaer

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Winter wonderland in Nordmarka forest, Norway
Winter wonderland in Nordmarka forest, Norway. Surrounding the capital of Norway is a large forested area dotted with lakes. This protected nature area, only 20 minutes away from the very center of the city, is a very popular recreational area both during summer and winter.

Snow covered tree, Norway
Snow covered tree, Norway. The Christmas tree that stands in Trafalgar square in London every year is a gift from the city of Oslo to the people of Britain. The tree is given as a token of appreciation for the British support during the Second World War. It is shipped across the North Sea to England.

Winter tightening its grip, Norway
Winter tightening its grip, Norway. Even though a 5 cm (2") thick layer of ice can support the weight of a person, it is normally not considered safe to walk or skate on ice that is thinner than 10 cm (4").

Snow sculpture, Norway
Snow sculpture, Norway. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, a giant snowflake of 15 inches wide and 8 inches thick was found at Fort Keogh, Montana on January 28, 1887.

Snow scenery in Oslo, Norway
Snow scenery in Oslo, Norway. In Norway you can experience really distinct seasons with a snow rich winter, lush green spring, warm summer and colorful autumn.

Snow-covered cabin, Norway
Snow-covered cabin, Norway. Many Norwegians own a cabin in the mountains or along the coast. For the holidays they head to their cabins to enjoy outdoor activities like cross-country skiing, hiking, fishing or sailing.

Beautiful winter scenery, Norway
Beautiful winter scenery, Norway. In the Northern hemisphere the midwinter solstice occurs either December 21st or 22nd. This is the day with the shortest amount of daylight. In the northern part of the country the sun disappears completely from the end of November to the end of January.

Winter in the boreal forest, Norway
Winter in the boreal forest, Norway. The large boreal forest or taiga forms a belt stretching across the Northern hemisphere. To the north the boreal forest merges into the circumpolar tundra. The forests are dominated by conifers and are therefore also referred to as the coniferous forest.

Norway spruce covered in snow, Norway
Norway spruce covered in snow, Norway. The Norway Spruce is a spruce species native to Europe. Those large evergreen coniferous trees grow 35 to 55 m tall and the trunk can be up to 1,5 m in diameter. It grows in Norway up to a latitude of about 70° north, just north of the Arctic Circle.

A misty winter day in Oslomarka, Norway
A misty winter day in Oslomarka, Norway. Experiments have shown that woody plants in boreal regions can tolerate temperatures as low as - 200°C (-320F).

Cross-country skiing in Oslo, Norway
Cross-country skiing in Oslo, Norway. Norwegians are said to be born with skis on their feet. In the vast forests surrounding the capital Oslo, a network of 2600 kilometres of cross-country ski trails are continuously being groomed throughout the winter period.

Snowy landscape, Norway
Snowy landscape, Norway. From November to April or May much of Norway is transformed into a snow-clad paradise, but in the higher mountain regions the snow typically remains until the beginning of June.

White snow and blue sky, Norway
White snow and blue sky, Norway. When photographing snow on a clear day, snow that is not being lit directly by the sun will show a blue cast. The reason for this is that the shadows are being lit by light reflecting off the blue sky.

Snow cover, Norway
Snow cover, Norway. It is estimated that around half of the people in the world have never seen snow, and many others have only seen it once or twice.

Trees covered in snow along lake Řyangen, Norway
Trees covered in snow along lake Řyangen, Norway. Most lakes in Norway freeze over during the winter, and they don't open up again until april. Each year about 4 persons die after falling through the ice, especially at the start and at the end of the winter, when the ice is thinner.

Old farm in Hemsedal, Norway
Old farm in Hemsedal, Norway. It is uncertain how long Hemsedal has been inhabited, but evidence has been found of human activity dating back to the years 200-300. The area used to have a large hurds of reindeer, and the first setlers were probably hunters.

Fluffed up bird in the winter cold, Norway
Fluffed up bird in the winter cold, Norway. To survive bitter cold temperatures, birds fluff up their feathers which improves their insulation. They also shiver to create heat even though this requires them to use up precious energy.