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Nordic Landscapes : Photograpy by Nicolas Lietaer

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Ski touring in Rondane, Norway
Ski touring in Rondane, Norway. Ski touring and cross-country skiing are a favorite past time amongst Norwegians during winter. There are roughly 30.000 kilometer of groomed ski trails throughout the country.

Dog sled in the Jotunheimen mountains, Norway
Dog sled in the Jotunheimen mountains, Norway. Dog sledding has a long tradition in Norway. The expedition led by the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen used sled dogs to reach the South Pole. Today, dog sled tours are organized many placed throughout the country.

Quiet snow landscape, Norway
Quiet snow landscape, Norway. Walking outside after a fresh snowfall, you might have noticed the relative silence of your surroundings. Freshly fallen snow absorbs sound very efficiently, such that a significant part of the sound that would otherwise be reflected by the street or soil is being absorbed by the snow blanket.

Rondvassbu mountain cabin, Norway
Rondvassbu mountain cabin, Norway. The Norwegian mountain touring association (DNT) has 450 mountain lodges across the country. A number of them are staffed and serve meals, while others are so-called 'self-service' or 'no-service' cabins. The self-service cabins are provisioned while the no-service cabins are not.

Landscape scenery from the Jotunheimen mountain region, Norway
Landscape scenery from the Jotunheimen mountain region, Norway. In Jotunheimen national park, the winter snow only starts to melt during the month of June and it returns already in October. Therefore, the hiking season is limited to about 3 to 4 months in the year.

Snow clad mountains in Rondane national park, Norway
Snow clad mountains in Rondane national park, Norway. The Rondane mountains are usually covered in snow from the middle of October until the end of April. This means that the winter season lasts as much as 6 months.

Snow covered cabin, Norway
Snow covered cabin, Norway. Many Norwegians have a cabin in the mountains. The Norwegian parody-duo Ylvis who in 2013 became world famous for their youtube hit 'What the fox say?' also made a video called 'The Cabin', taking on Norwegian cabin-culture.

Mountain scenery from Jostedal, Norway
Mountain scenery from Jostedal, Norway. The river Jostedøla in the Jostedalen valley is surrounded by high mountains and many glaciers coming down from the largest glacier on the European continent, Jostedal glacier.

Winter at Sognefjellet, Norway
Winter at Sognefjellet, Norway. The Sognefjellet mountain pass is closed during winter, normally from November until the start of May. Driving the newly opened road between walls of snow reaching sometimes up to 10 meters high is an incredible experience.

Rondvassbu cabin, Norway
Rondvassbu cabin, Norway. Ski touring from cabin to cabin is extremely popular in the Norwegian mountains. One of the most popular cabins is the Rondvassbu lodge in the middle of Rondane national park.

Back-country skiing in Rondane national park, Norway
Back-country skiing in Rondane national park, Norway. Weather conditions in the mountains often changes very quickly and it is important to be prepared for bad weather. Therefore the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) worked out a set of nine safety rules that became known as the “Mountain Code” (Fjellvettreglene).

Winter halo, Norway
Winter halo, Norway. A halo is an optical phenomenon created by reflections or refractions on hexagonal ice-crystals in the upper troposphere. As compared to a rainbow, the colors of a halo are in reversed order. Halos are most common in colder climates.

Beautiful winter scenery at Blefjell, Norway
Beautiful winter scenery at Blefjell, Norway. About one hour drive from the city of Kongsberg, the Blefjell mountain area is popular for backcountry skiing during winter and for hiking and fishing during summer.

Icicles, Norway
Icicles, Norway. Every year in Norway there are several tens of people being injured by icicles suddenly breaking off from rooftops. Home owners are responsible for removing icicles that could potentially fall down onto the pavement below.

Beautiful mountain scenery in Hemsedal, Norway
Beautiful mountain scenery in Hemsedal, Norway. After Trysil, Hemsedal ski resort is the largest alpine ski resort in Norway, with 47 km of prepared downhill slopes. It is a 3.5 hours drive from the capital Oslo to Hemsedal.

Jo Gjende's cabin at Gjendesheim, Norway
Jo Gjende's cabin at Gjendesheim, Norway. Jo Gjende who lived from 1794 to 1884 was a legendary reindeer hunter. He lived a hermit-like existence in the mountains for most of his adult life. Around 1840 he build a cabin at Gjendesheim, which is still standing today.

Winter scene from the Norwegian mountains, Norway.
Winter scene from the Norwegian mountains, Norway.The scandinavian mountain range is the longest mountain range in Europe with a total length of 1762 kilometers. The mountain range runs from north to south, occupying most of Norway and parts of western Sweden.

Snow scenery, Norway
Snow scenery, Norway. As a rule of thumb, the snow needs to be removed from a roof when it become more than about half a meter thick. Otherwise the weight of the snow might cause it to collapse.

Skiing towards Gjendebu, Norway
Skiing towards Gjendebu, Norway. At the end of Gjende lake, at 995 meter altitude, lays the mountain cabin Gjendebu. It is the oldest cabin of the Norwegian mountain touring association (DNT) and today it has a capacity of 119 beds.

Sunrise on the snow covered mountains of Blefjell, Norway
Sunrise on the snow covered mountains of Blefjell, Norway. Evidence of reindeer hunting dating back to the 15-16th century has been found on Blefjell. Today the wild reindeer population on Blefjell is estimated to be 150 to 200 animals, and only a very limited number of reindeer are allowed to be hunted every year.

The first snowfall in Jotunheimen, Norway
The first snowfall in Jotunheimen, Norway. The Norwegian law allows anyone to hike and camp everywhere, even on privately held land. The only restriction is that you have to keep away from someone's garden and the property immediately surrounding their home.

Cross-country skiers, Norway
Cross-country skiers, Norway. Cross country skiing is a low-risk low-impact aerobic form of exercise. It burns more calories per hour than any other sport and is an ideal cross-training sport for running and biking.

Winter wonderland, Norway
Winter wonderland, Norway. Since it was written in 1934, the song "Winter Wonderland" has been recorded by over 150 different artists. Due to its seasonal theme, "Winter Wonderland" is often regarded as a Christmas song, although the holiday itself is not mentioned explicitly in the lyrics.

Mountain scenery from Jotunheimen, Norway
Mountain scenery from Jotunheimen, Norway. Jotunheimen, which means 'home of the giants', is the mountain range with the highest mountains in Norway. In fact all of Scandinavia's 26 highest mountains are found there, including its highest summit, Galdhøppigen (2.469 m).

Winter landscape from Blefjell, Norway
Winter landscape from Blefjell, Norway. Typical wildlife found in the norwegian mountains are reindeer, elk, deer, different kind of grouse and hare. All of them can be hunted during autumn.

Snowed in cabin, Norway
Snowed in cabin, Norway. This cabin at Gjendesheim was originally built for Vidkun Quisling who headed the pro-German administration of Norway from 1942 to 1945, working for the nazi occupying forces. He was executed by firing squat at the Akershus Fortress in Oslo on October 24th 1945.

Moutainscape from Jotunheimen, Norway
Moutainscape from Jotunheimen, Norway. The small town of Rjukan in the Telemark county is tucked in-between steep mountains. It lies in the shadow of the mountains for almost six months a year, but recently three giant mirrors have been installed on the mountainside to reflect the winter sun onto the town's main square.

Back-country skiing, Norway
Back-country skiing, Norway. Back-country skiing or ski touring is the oldest style of skiing, and it can be practiced throughout the country. It often combines long ski hikes between mountain cabins with downhill runs from mountain peaks.

Marked ski trail, Norway
Marked ski trail, Norway. During winter, the Norwegian mountain touring association (DNT) marks many thousands of kilometers of ski trails throughout the mountains using large twigs as ski trail markings.